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Roger Wireless Connectivity

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre are Roger Certified Partners for hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. They have access to extra training and a wide range of products to help you hear better at a distance and in noisy settings. This unique range is designed to assist at work, social events and education and aids communications and thereby your quality of life. Roger wireless connectivity is available on all “Marvel” and “Paradise” devices without the need for an additional interface.

Roger Pen wireless connectivity

Roger Pen 

Roger Pen is a helpful microphone for many listening situations. Its portable design means, therefore, that it can be used where extra support is needed. This is usually over distance and in noisy settings. Users can hear speech 62% better than those with no hearing loss. In addition, the Roger Pen can relay sounds from multimedia devices like TVs and music systems and has Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phone calls. It also comes in three colours.


Roger Select 360 Degree Wireless Connectivity

Roger Select is uniquely designed to boost your hearing and also keep you right at the heart of a conversation. This is a result of Roger Select’s MultiBeam Technology. The 360-degree hearing system means you can hear a voice, no matter where it is coming from. Also, a number of directional microphones can be activated with a single touch. Additionally, the Roger Select can also be fixed to clothing or worn around a speaker’s neck. Like many of Phonak’s products the Select has Bluetooth connectivity with media devices and also allows hands-free phone calls.


Roger Select wireless connectivity
Roger Table Mic II wireless connectivity

Roger Table Mic II

Roger Table Mic II is a microphone designed for a work environment and in particular, meetings. It can identify the speakers and automatically switch between them. Multiple devices can be hooked up in a network for larger meetings as well as being able to transmit digital media sounds. Busy meetings can be some of the hardest listening environments, so the Roger Table Mic II is designed to find the source of the sound and send it directly to your hearing aids. It is easy to operate with a simple push-button or remote control and the battery life is over 20 hours to keep you listening.


Roger On Microphone

Roger On is a microphone that is adapted for conversations that take place in noisy environments and over a longer distance. It functions automatically, which means that it can switch between microphones modes depending on whether it is clipped to clothing, hand-held or placed on a table. The flexibility of Roger On allows you to focus on important conversations in lectures, meetings, seminars or when socialising with family and friends.  The MultiBeam 2.0 Technology allows you to identify the direction of speech and intuitively connects you to the person who is speaking to support your conversations.


Roger Select wireless connectivity
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