Sometimes we take our hearing for granted. Often, it’s only when we have significant hearing loss that makes our lives difficult or unmanageable that we give it a second thought. Just in case you needed reminding, here’s why healthy hearing is so valuable.

Healthy Hearing Supports Our Social Exchanges

The flow of conversation depends on social cues. It’s those tiny nuances such as a change in tone, a sigh and a reliance on content and context. Our conversations and relationships will suffer if these are missing through failing hearing. Our hearing can become strained, and conversations become tiring. Before long, we start to avoid uncomfortable and confusing social situations. As a result, we can also become isolated and depressed.

Keeping Us Safe

Our soundscape warns you of possible dangers. A car horn, a fire alarm, or a warning shout can help you take the action needed to avoid accidents or injury. Hearing clearly with both ears enables you to detect where sounds are coming and react accordingly.

Healthy Hearing and Memory

Hearing is a vital part of our brain’s recall.  Complementary sounds can help us store information about an event or experience. Many memories rely on sounds. Examples of these include live music, laughter or family members singing Happy Birthday. One study of over 600 adults showed that even a mild hearing loss doubled our risk of dementia.

Enjoying Those Simple Pleasures

As well as listening to music, television or going to the cinema, healthy hearing allows you to appreciate everyday sounds. These can add to your quality of life. We might include bird song, the wind whistling through the trees, or the gentle babbling of a brook. These experiences can add to the richness of our lives.

Life Support Systems for Your Hearing

Healthy hearing means that we can perceive sounds and noises from our environment. We learn and adapt from these experiences. Giving your brain the freedom to process those sounds can enhance your quality of life beyond measure. With all the multitude of new technological advances that can support your hearing, we can help you find a solution to the changes in your hearing.

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