Fairytale of New York and other Christmas hits blasting through speakers could damage your hearing. The RNID has repeatedly urged people to wear earplugs at festive gatherings since people have an added risk of hearing loss and tinnitus as they flock to bars, clubs and concerts.

The Risk of Tinnitus

Ringing in the ears is not a unique experience after a night out at a noisy event. Even for short periods, exposure to loud noise can damage the cochlea hair cells, resulting in tinnitus and hearing loss. Sounds of 110–120dB, as regularly experienced in nightclubs, can cause hearing damage within 15 minutes. Symptoms can last from 24 hours to being a permanent and unwelcome feature in your life.

The British Tinnitus Association documents the case of one girl Jenny who always stood close to the front at gigs and regarded the post-concert ringing as “a badge of honour”. Her attitude changed once she developed bothersome tinnitus at the age of 24.

Modern Earplugs can Protect Your Hearing

Whilst there is a misconception that you won’t enjoy music properly if you wear earplugs, this is not true. Earplugs can protect your earing and they will not only limit the dangerous sound frequencies but still allow you to listen to the music and enjoy it to the full. Customised music filters are discreet and practical, and they won’t stop you from having a good time. They can filter out unwanted noise without affecting the quality and clarity of the music.

Other Strategies for Safeguarding Your Hearing

Whatever you’re doing to socialise this Christmas, you can take steps to protect your hearing. If you find that the music or background noise is too loud for conversation, why not take a short break? Move away from the speakers or the source of the sound and drink plenty of water. There’s good evidence that adequate hydration can benefit your auditory systems. Above all, stay safe and have a great time!

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