There’s still an understandable stigma about hearing loss and hearing aids. For some, wearing hearing aids is a sign of growing old. They want to look and feel young. That’s why many with hearing loss reject hearing aids for years and, in doing so, compromise their health, safety and well-being. Let’s take a look at modern hearing aids and see how they can benefit you or your relatives and keep you feeling young and active.

Amplification and the Management of Noise

Put simply; hearing aids amplify sound. Furthermore, current digital technology means hearing aids do it precisely and intelligently. Everyone’s hearing loss is different, so when sounds reach the hearing aid, they separate into frequency bands. Each is amplified by the right amount to restore your hearing to the correct level for that band. So, they don’t increase the volume of everything, just the necessary parts. Modern hearing aids can identify speech and ambient noise and process them accordingly.

Small and Discreet Styles of Modern Hearing Aids

Hearing aids used to be cumbersome. They were clearly visible and could make wearers feel conscious. However, in line with most electronic devices, modern hearing aids are far smaller, and some are almost invisible. For example, in-the-ear devices (ITE) fit in the outer ear and can be coloured to match your skin tone. They are discreet whilst still allowing access for minor adjustments. We can advise on the most suitable devices for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Programming

In quiet settings, hearing aid wearers don’t need directional microphones. Indeed noise reduction features are only helpful in busy shopping centres, restaurants or sporting venues. That’s why advanced hearing aids let users change settings with a button press or a phone app. The most advanced hearing aids, such as Starkey’s Evolv AI, scan their environment and make smooth and seamless adjustments.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Fiddling with hearing aid batteries is tricky unless you are nimble-fingered. However, a lot of modern hearing devices are rechargeable. The Phonak  range has many aids with stylish chargers. You can wear discreet hearing aids without the worry of failing batteries.

Bluetooth Connectivity in Modern Hearing Aids

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow you to watch television at a moderate volume, have crystal-clear phone calls, and listen to music on various devices for a handy, custom listening experience.

Smartphone Applications

Hearing apps are available for smartphones and for hearing aid wearers. Those provided by manufacturers are the most effective and exist on Apple and Android. The features include precision sound adjustment, customised sound settings, status monitoring for your hearing aids, tracking for lost hearing aids, a hearing journal facility and communicating with your hearing clinic. Hearing apps can also check your health and well-being and even alert relatives if you fall, which is reassuring.

Properly Fitted Hearing Aids are Vital

All hearing aids should be correctly fitted and then maintained by a qualified audiologist who has a complete working knowledge of the product they have sold. For advice on your hearing and the best modern hearing aids for your lifestyle, come and talk to us.

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