Staying Active with Hearing Aids

Physical activity is a cornerstone of our daily lives, and that’s why we’re shining a spotlight on the intersection of sports and hearing aids in this article. From intense workouts to leisurely walks, we all understand the importance of exercise for our overall health. Given the adaptability of today’s hearing aids, they can seamlessly integrate into your fitness regimen.
Here’s a deep dive into why hearing aids are an essential accessory for your athletic pursuits and tips to care for them as you break a sweat.

Why You Should Wear Your Hearing Aids During Physical Activities

Engaging in sports, whether in a group or solo, is always more enriching when you’re fully connected to your surroundings.

Stay Connected

In team-based sports, communication with fellow players is paramount. Take a local football game as an example; the constant exchange of instructions among players is evident. Sports like cricket also emphasize the importance of sound, where a slight nick by the batsman can be heard, even if not seen.
For those who prefer a serene walk in nature, hearing aids can amplify the beautiful sounds of the environment and make conversations with your companion more vivid.

Safety First

Enhanced hearing translates to increased safety during sports and workouts. With hearing aids, you’re more attuned to important auditory cues. Think of the golfer’s shout of “fore” or the distant hum of an approaching vehicle for hikers.

Tune into Your Favourites

Many of the latest hearing aids come with wireless connectivity, which allows you to listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts. This can be the perfect motivation for a challenging workout or a companion during solo activities. For a demo, feel free to reach out to us at Brian Eccles Hearing Centre.

Protecting and Maintaining Your Hearing Aids While Being Active

When you’re in the middle of a workout, it’s not just about potential damage or loss; moisture, sweat, and dirt can also be concerns for hearing aid users. While most contemporary hearing devices are designed to resist these elements, it’s always good to be prepared.

Moisture-Resistant Bands

Consider using absorbent sleeves, especially for behind-the-ear models to shield your aids from sweat and dirt.

Dehumidifying Containers

After a sweaty session, these boxes can help remove any moisture buildup in your hearing aids. It’s a good habit to use them daily.

Aid Air Blower

This small tool pushes air through your hearing aids, ensuring they remain clean and dust-free. It’s a cost-effective way to dry your aids after exercise.

Sanitizing Wipes

Specialized antimicrobial wipes for hearing aids are a must-have. Please keep them in your gym bag for on-the-go cleaning.

Secure Clips for Hearing Aids

These clips, which can be attached to your clothing or go behind your head, ensure your hearing aids stay in place.
With the proper precautions and care, hearing aids can be a game-changer for your sports, workouts, and recreational activities. Stay active and stay connected!

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