Phonak Naida B Power Hearing Aids

The Naida range of power hearing aids was introduced by Phonak back in 2007. Since then, they have supplied over 2.5 million of these hearing devices worldwide. The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre has always rated Naida as one of the best power hearing aids on the market. Now the upgraded fifth generation of Naida B ensures that the product is even better!

Greater Audibility of High-Pitched Sounds

Severe to profound hearing loss often means it is hard to hear high-pitched sounds. Since the launch of Nadia B, Phonak has led the way in frequency compression which is a way of enhancing these high-pitched sounds. These are things such as children’s voices, consonants in speech like “s” and “f” or birdsong. The feature that allows this is called SoundRecover2. It cleverly retains the quality of low-pitched sounds and also allows easier processing of high-pitched sounds.

First Rate Speech Understanding

One of the hardest challenges for those with severe to profound hearing loss is with the recognition of speech. Some tough hearing situations might feature background noise as for example, in a busy restaurant. Elsewhere, being outside on a windy day or travelling in a car where the listener does not face the speaker are further examples. Phonak address such situations with Binaural VoiceStream Technology, and its cutting-edge communication technology. Both hearing aids communicate with each other which ensures that speech is heard in both ears and this happens even if the voice is only picked up by one device. The outcome is a greater understanding of speech with reduced listening effort. This can only improve the quality of life of those with severely impaired hearing.

Rechargeable and Easy to Use

Naida B Charging CaseThe Nadia B-R RIC (Receiver In The Canal) comes with a range of charging options for total flexibility. These include a power pack for where there is no power source and compact charging options where space is at a premium. Lithium-ion technology supports these hearing devices which typically allow 24 hours of use on a 3-hour charge.

State-of-the-Art Technology and First-Class Design

As the severely and profoundly hard of hearing rely heavily on their hearing aids they need to be robust and durable. With a new glass fibre shell, the latest Naida B is around 60% stronger than previous models. This means that users can wear these hearing aids with maximum confidence. In addition, they are also both water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating. This guarantees protection at a depth of up to 30 metres for half an hour.

The Naida B comes in a range of nine classic colours for fashion-conscious wearers. In addition, the fitting ranges of the Naida B RIC and Naida B SP have been increased at the severe end of the hearing spectrum. With devices that are also 25% smaller than before, this opens up near invisible hearing to even more users.

Combination With Roger Microphone Technology

The Naida B is able to make use of all Bluetooth streaming devices that are available in the Phonak range. This wireless digital technology, known as Roger utilises discreet microphones and receivers. You can hear the speaker’s voice directly in your ear for improved communication in meetings and on social occasions. The combination of Roger and Naida B is very powerful.

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre will happily guide you through the Naida range so that you can see and hear the enhancements and the benefits for your daily life. Call us today for an early appointment.