The blaze of summer saw the launch of the superb new Phonak Lumity hearing aids from the acclaimed Swiss manufacturer. Let’s take a quick look at the excellent features of this brand-new hearing aid platform.

Fully Rechargeable Models

The first hearing aids launched on the new platform are the Audeo Receiver In Canal (RIC) devices. All these models are fully rechargeable, moving away from traditional zinc-air batteries. Users are becoming more comfortable and familiar with rechargeable technology and its convenience.

Phonak Lumity Speech-Focused Technology

Lumity uses an enhanced speech-focused technology they call SmartSpeech. In brief, this consists of improved directional microphones and a new sound processing system called SpeechSensor. Phonak claims that their new technology enhances the understanding of speech from the front by 16%, which is a massive plus in noisy environments. in addition, SpeechSensor, with its 360-degree monitoring, provides a 15% improvement in speech recognition from the back and sides. Finally, the system is fully compatible with the external Roger microphones for use in noisy environments and over distance. 

A New Management System

Phonak has introduced its new management system Autosense 5.0 to coincide with the launch of Lumity. It decides what hearing aid parameters change as your sound environment, and listening needs change. The system is getting more innovative alongside the advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in audiology. The key benefit for hearing aid users is that it reduces listening effort resulting in less fatigue and improved brain health.

Phonak Lumity and the myPhonak App

Lumity is compatible with the myPhonak app, which allows you to make easy adjustments and customise your listening experience. The app also tracks personal health data. These include step counts, device-wearing time, activity levels and fitness goal-setting. Also, the myPhonak app lets you connect directly with your audiologist to help personalise your hearing experience.

A Waterproof Hearing Aid

The world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid (as opposed to water resistant) can function in half a metre of fresh or salt water. It’s the perfect solution for physically demanding situations or strenuous activities and can enhance your hearing confidence.

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