Noise Protection for Work and Leisure

Keep your ears safe from avoidable damage

It’s Essential to Protect Your Ears

Loud noise can cause damage to the cells and membranes in your cochlea. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can put a strain on the ear’s hair cells and this can cause them to die. The progression of hearing loss continues as long as the noise exposure remains. In some circumstances harmful effects can continue well after the exposure to noise has ceased.

You may experience hearing loss over time, just as you might find your eyesight changing. However, experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus because you didn’t protect your hearing will certainly be a cause for regret. Once it’s damaged, your hearing can’t be fixed, so protecting your hearing is essential both at work and during leisure activities. That’s why we produce a wide range of noise protection products to cover all eventualities and keep your ears safe from avoidable damage.

The importance of noise protection
CENS digital shooting plugs for noise protection

CENS Digital Shooting Plugs

CENS digital are custom-made electronic noise suppressors for shooters. Being custom-made they fit exactly into the user’s ear, ensuring an extremely comfortable fit over long durations. Every model in the CENS range has the common features of effectively suppressing gunshot noise whilst still allowing for normal conversation and the use of mobile phones. You can also hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else.


Music Filters for Noise Protection

DJs, band members, nightclub staff and customers alike are all at risk of hearing impairment from continued exposure to loud music. Customised music filters can protect your ears, but won’t spoil your enjoyment of the music. At the same time, you will be able to carry on a conversation with your colleagues. Musicians’ earplugs will filter out ambient noise so that the integrity of the original music is retained without loss of clarity.


Music filters for noise protection
Measuring industrial noise levels

Industrial Noise Plugs

In an industrial setting, it’s vital that all workers have access to the highest level of hearing protection. This can help prevent ear damage from exposure to noise. Custom fitted industry noise plugs offer the highest levels of comfort and protection for all industrial settings. Guarding your staff against the risks of noise damage is not just important for their welfare, it is also a must in order to comply with workplace health and safety regulations. Our moulded earplugs are CE tested and certified.


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