Marvel Hearing Aids Launched

The team at Brian Eccles Hearing Centre attended the recent launch of Phonak‘s new range of Marvel hearing aids. This confirmed their early expectations about the superb quality of the product.

The First Marvel Hearing Aids

The first Marvel devices will be the Audeo (Phonak’s Receiver In Canal devices) consisting of five hearing aids. Two of these will be rechargeable. These rechargeable devices will appear in two sizes, a small rechargeable device and a slightly larger one that will be compatible with Loop systems.

Multi-functional Hearing Aid With Many Features

Marvel has many functions and special features. Phonak have possibly considered all of the headline features in the current hearing aid world and a few more besides!

Stereo Streaming via Bluetooth

Sound can be streamed via any Bluetooth enabled device directly into the hearing aid, without the need for a secondary interface such as the Phonak Com Pilot II. This includes an impressive array of smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets. The sound quality seems to be first-class too, with rich and vibrant bass and zingy treble. This is one of the reasons why Phonak have adopted the slogan “Love at First Sound”.

Hands-Free Stereo Calling

Like its predecessor, the Audeo B Direct, Marvel allows hands-free calls from any Bluetooth phone and internet-based services, such as Skype. The main difference, however, is that this is now available in stereo with the sound being delivered to both ears. This gives the user a much greater chance of understanding the conversation. What’s more, the phone can be up to around 10 metres away with the option to answer via a switch on the hearing aid.

Versatile TV Streaming

The Marvel hearing aids will link with Phonak’s TV Streamer and connect directly to all Bluetooth enabled televisions. The audio will stream straight to your Marvel hearing aids once you have set up a TV connection.

Marvel Hearing Aids – Rechargeable Options

A single charge will last for around sixteen hours which includes a full four hours of audio streaming. This means that you should get a full day’s use from the devices. The rechargeable devices seem like the sensible option given that the Bluetooth connection will use a lot of power. This will, therefore, save on battery changes and costs.

Speech To Text App

The Phonak myCall-to-Text app gives you the option to read live, what the other person is saying. This is a great feature and Brian Eccles at Phonak Marvel hearing aids launch once the app is downloaded can even be used without wearing the Marvel hearing aids. This feature will allow you to converse in all situations without the worry of missing parts of the conversation.

Marvel Hearing Aids Remote Adjustment

The Marvel system is the first UK Phonak hearing aid that offers remote fine-tuning to users. The innovative system is operated live during a pre-arranged appointment during working hours. Changes to the hearing aids are made in real-time so the user can see the effect in their current environment. The process takes place with a video call from the hearing centre’s software. and gives a reassuring one to one engagement with the professional. The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre is delighted with this technological advance and the benefits it will give to their clients.

Remote Fine-Tuning App

To complement the remote fine-tuning there is a new app called the myPhonak App. This allows you to access a hearing diary in order to give feedback on your use and experience with the new hearing aids. The concept of co-operation with your hearing partner is a large part of the new Marvel range.

Love at First Sound?

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre wholly endorses the new range of Marvel hearing aids. They would love to welcome you to try them for yourself and experience at first hand the rich sound quality in all environments. Call now to book a demonstration on 0800 083 2547.