Kayleigh Completes Wax Removal Training

Audiologist Kayleigh Eccles has passed her training in micro-suction ear wax removal with flying colours. The course took place at The Hearing Lab’s premises in Warrington. The training is only for ear care professionals, so attendees already have to show a high level of skill and knowledge. Kayleigh demonstrated safe practice and clinical competence and as a result, can now remove ear wax at the Kettering branch.

The Build-Up of Ear Wax

Some ears have overactive wax glands and therefore secrete too much wax. Trying to remove the wax with cotton buds or other implements can make the problem worse. Sometimes the use of earphones can stop wax from escaping. The symptoms can be a feeling of fullness in the ear, partial hearing loss, buzzing or an earache. It can lead to persistent hearing loss or infection if not treated.

Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal

The procedure uses a microscope to give a clear view of the ear canal. A tiny suction device then removes the wax and there’s usually no need to apply olive oil. The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre added micro-suction ear wax removal in October 2015 as an alternative to ear syringing. Since then, and with fewer GP practices offering the service the practice has cleaned ears for over 2000 clients. Happy customers have said that the process is quick, simple and pain-free and has given them instant relief. The added plus is that a qualified hearing expert will examine their ears and spot any obvious hearing defects.

Increased Capacity and Flexibility

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre is delighted to add Kayleigh to their wax removal staff. It means that they will be able to offer an even more flexible service and thus keep waiting times to a minimum. They are always happy to give help and advice on any aspect of hearing.