Ear Plugs for Sleeping and Swimming

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Your ears are important and if you treat them well you can guard against damage and infections. There can be a bewildering array of earplugs on offer for both sleep and swimming, so we are happy to help you with the highest quality products for both.

Swim ear plugs

Ear Plugs for Swimming

Many competitive swimmers who wear ear plugs frequently do so because they have had a previous ear infection, such as swimmers ear. This condition results from trapped water in the ear, which allows a build-up of bacteria in the ear canal.

Custom-made and waterproof swim plugs can protect those who are susceptible to ear infections or associated ear problems. The soft hydrophobic silicone material is safe and very comfortable. The plugs also float to stop you from losing them and are available in a wide range of solid, swirled or neon colours.


Sleep Plugs

It’s essential to get enough sleep to keep a healthy mind and body. Most adults need at least seven hours of regular quality sleep, and you should change your routine to find sufficient time to sleep. However, getting enough sleep isn’t just about the total hours of sleep. It’s also vital to get quality sleep regularly, so you feel fully rested when you wake.

Sleep plugs lessen the effect of noises that may prevent or interrupt your sleep. These might include snoring, traffic, noisy neighbours or a loud air conditioning unit in a hotel. For added comfort, your plugs are a soft and flexible silicone material that allows movement of the ear on the pillow during sleep but still retains the plug. You can banish sleepless nights forever with your pair of custom moulded sleep plugs.

Sleep ear plugs
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