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Why Should I Check My Hearing?

So you might not have heard the doorbell the first time? Do you edge the volume up on the TV? Perhaps you’re tilting your head to one side and straining to take part in conversations alongside various modern-day distractions. Whilst these things aren’t hugely significant in themselves, you could face a lengthy and challenging battle with hearing loss.

The Earlier the Better

Hearing loss is gradual, and it creeps up on you. However, it’s quite normal, and one in five adults over forty and half of those over eighty have a hearing loss. On average, people wait seven years from when they think they might have a hearing loss until they seek treatment. However, as with most medical conditions, the earlier it is detected, the better the chances of helping. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your hearing now.

Around ten years ago, scientists began to focus more on the possible harms of hearing loss. It soon became apparent that it had substantial potential medical consequences. An untreated hearing loss carries a risk of long-term dementia, depression and falls, yet it is easy to correct.

The Benefit of Hearing Devices

Hearing aids can make a massive difference. They can lift a veil that helps users reconnect with life, enjoy family get-togethers and hear every word in a conversation. Connection with telephones, TVs and music devices enables you to experience the joy of your favourite songs and shows. Modern hearing technology has made devices more straightforward to use, and they can also be adjusted remotely once fitted to save time and travelling.

Check Your Hearing Now

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre team is acutely aware of the considerable advances in the quality of life that hearing devices can bring, with users describing them as “truly life-changing”. Our mission is to bring enhanced hearing into the lives of many more people who can benefit from expertly fitted hearing devices.

We urge anyone who notices even the earliest signs of hearing difficulty or change in their hearing to give us a call. Alternatively, take our 3-minute online hearing check here to get started. It could be the best decision you ever make!

Check your hearing
Check your hearing
Free online hearing check


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